Another School Shooting Claims a Young Girl’s Life

Six-year old Kayla Rolland was shot and killed yesterday by a six-year old male classmate while at school in Michigan. The boy is the youngest suspect in the school shootings that have shocked communities across the country in the last three years – shootings by boys that have largely targeted women and girls. The fact that all of the school shooters have been boys and that the vast majority of the victims in these shootings have been girls has been largely ignored by the media. This Mother’s Day, the Million Mom March will take place to educate children on the danger of guns to help stop such senseless violence. The mission of the March declares that “We, the mothers, are calling on Congress to enact common sense gun control legislation by Mother’s Day 2000. Come May 14th, we mothers will go to Washington, D.C. either to celebrate sensible legislation or to protest bipartisan ineptitude.” For more information on the Million Mom March, visit their Web site www.millionmommarch.com.


Nando Times - March 1, 2000, and Million Mom March

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