Anthrax Threats Continue

A Kansas City, Mo. Planned Parenthood clinic was the latest target in a recent wave of anthrax threats. More than a dozen abortion clinics and women’s health centers have received letters claiming to contain the deadly bacterium anthrax since last Thursday. Although initial tests indicate that the threats were hoaxes, conclusive tests have yet to be completed on most of the letters.

The Kansas City Clinic did not provide abortion services, but had performed abortions up until about a month ago. The facility was temporarily closed while twenty employees and seven firefighters were quarantined and decontaminated. It will likely reopen tomorrow.

More than 100 federal and local law enforcement officials were called to investigate the clinic area. Deputy Fire Chief Pat Gilchrist noted, “We can’t afford to under-react when there is a threat of mass casualties.”

Officials have determined that at least 14 of the threatening letters were sent from Lexington, Kentucky.

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AP - February 22, 1999

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