Anti-Abortion Criminal Jailed

James F. Nerdrum, who confessed to making 350 bomb threats and committing vandalism and property destruction in Eau Claire, Wis., has been sentenced to up to 60 years in a mental institution and 40 years in prison. Nerdrum surrendered and confessed his guilt after a shoot-out with polive Police say most of his crimes, including 278 felonies, reflected his opinions against abortion and pornography. Nerdrum vandalized a Planned Parenthood facility, and robbed stores that carried adult videos. Police say he caused over $182,000 in property damage and investigative costs, and that he was not charged for all the crimes. Although originally charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery, Nerdrum only pleaded guilty to one charge of armed robbery, and was found innocent on two other armed robbery charges by reason of mental defect.


AP - October 14, 1997

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