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Anti-Abortion Extremist Sentenced to Prison for Health Insurance Fraud

On February 23, Jeffrey White and his son Nicholas White were sentenced to prison and subsequent supervised release. The two men conspired to defraud health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, enrolling individuals in ACA plans in states where they did not live. They created fake leases and cell phone numbers for these individuals. Jeffrey was sentenced to three years in prison and three subsequent years of supervised release, and Nicholas received a lesser sentence of thirteen months in prison and three years of supervised release.

The Whites paid insurance premiums for these individuals and placed them in expensive inpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The Whites collected thousands of dollars in kickbacks for each referral. Their scheme resulted in over $27 million in losses to ACA plans in various states, and they profited about $1 million. They are ordered to pay restitution of the $27 million.

In a Ms. article from 2019, Amanda Robb explored the Whites’ connection to the anti-abortion terrorist movement and its funding. Michael Bray, a convicted clinic bomber, stated that White “is one of my favorite innovators, one of the most capable leaders in our ‘movement’ …” White served as Operation Rescue’s tactical director in the late 1990s. Operation Rescue is an anti-abortion organization that has ties to multiple murders of abortion providers in the US. 

In 2006, Jeff White’s daughter purchased a former abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas, which she then transferred to a nonprofit organization “Cradles of Love”, which he uses as a front to operate his “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust” group, as well as to pay for his Mexican beach house. 

According to Robb, White has “created and dissolved dozens of entities across at least three states, which they often cede to their children or spouses. The men have used at least some of these entities to shuttle assets to support anti-abortion activities.”

Jeffrey White has been arrested over 60 times in the last three decades for blockading clinics and harassing providers and patients.

Katherine Spillar, executive director of Feminist Majority Foundation and executive editor of Ms., stated, “The funding of anti-abortion extremism has always been shrouded in mystery… If the orchestrated anti-abortion campaign of violence is ever to be stopped, its funding sources have to be cut off. That’s essential.”

Sources: Department of Justice 2/23/21; Ms. Magazine Winter 2019

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