Anti-Abortion Extremists Attempt to Overturn Law Protecting Clinics

Two Michigan anti-abortion extremists have filed suit in a Grand Rapids court in an attempt to overturn the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), a law passed in 1994 meant to protect clinics from anti-abortion violence. FACE makes it a federal violation to use force, threat of force or intimidation against any person entering or providing services at a reproductive health clinic. Annelore Norton and Lois Greiffendorf, the two abortion opponents challenging the law, claim that FACE is “overbroad and vague” and violates their right to free speech. Since its enactment six years ago, there have been at least 44 FACE cases brought against anti-abortion activists who have posed a threat against safe and legal access to reproductive health services.


The Grand Rapids Press _ 2 September 2000 and Feminist Majority Foundation

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