Anti-Abortion Priest Convicted; Tries to Escape to Afghanistan

Reverend Norman U. Weslin, found guilty of violating a court-ordered buffer zone in front of a Buffalo, NY abortion clinic, was sentenced last week to five months in jail. At the sentencing, however, Weslin informed the court that he had contacted the Pentagon about serving as a military chaplain in Afghanistan and that the Pentagon had expressed interest in the idea. Weslin, a retired Army officer, is the founder of an anti-abortion extremist group, Lambs of Christ. During his sentencing, Weslin compared himself to Jesus Christ and defended his obstruction of the law by claiming, “I obey God’s law, and whenever there’s a conflict with man’s law, I follow God’s law.” Glenn Murray, lawyer for the Buffalo clinic and former Army captain, said that Weslin’s proposal was “a preposterous idea…When I was in the military, you were supposed to lead by example. He’s a terrible example.”


Buffalo News, 10/19/01

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