Anti-Affirmative Action Ballot Measure Disqualified in Arizona

The anti-affirmative action ballot measure scheduled to be on the November ballot in Arizona has been disqualified. After review by Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer and county recorders, the measure (see PDF) fell short of the 230,047 signatures needed to qualify. The measure would have banned affirmative action for women and people of color in public education, public employment, and public contracting.

The signature campaign to place the measure on the ballot was initiated and largely funded by Ward Connerly, a Republican businessman from California. Connerly has sponsored campaigns that have successfully passed similar ballot measures in California, Washington, and Michigan.

In this election cycle, similar anti-affirmative action bans will be on the ballot in Nebraska and Colorado. In addition to Arizona, measures in Missouri and Oklahoma did not receive enough valid signatures to appear on the November ballot.


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