Anti-Choice Bill Reintroduced in Florida Legislature

State-level legislation was reintroduced in the Florida legislature Wednesday that would require women who are seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and the option to view the images prior to the procedure. The bill would also require doctors to share information with the patient on fetal development. A similar bill was defeated last year in the state Senate in a 20 to 20 tie vote, according to the Palm Beach Post.

According to the Miami Herald, the bill contains exceptions for medical emergencies and in cases of trafficking, domestic violence, rape, or incest.

Supporters of the legislation argue that the legislation would enable women to make a more informed decision. The legislation’s opponents argue that this bill and others like it put unnecessary hurdles in place while also chipping away at abortion rights established in current law. Democratic state Representative Kelly Skidmore told the Palm Beach Post that “the doctor makes a decision of whether an ultrasound is necessary….I don’t believe that is the role of the legislature.”


Miami Herald 3/19/09; Palm Beach Post 3/18/09

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