Anti-Choice Bill Undergoes Revision, Hearings in Texas Legislature

A hearing was held in the Texas state Senate on a bill that would require women who are seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound and the option to view the images prior to the procedure. The bill originally introduced would have also required the doctor to describe the fetal development, show the patient ultrasound images, and make the heartbeat audible, according to CBS 10.

Terri Burke, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, told the Dallas Morning News that “there seems to be no other law compelling a medical protocol for a physician…there’s a real potential for women to feel intimidated, to feel they are assumed stupid, and even to be insulted by this.”

The bill’s sponsor, Republican state Senator Dan Patrick, defended the bill: “the more information she has, we believe, helps her make a better decision,” according to the Associated Press.


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