Anti-Choice Tim Tebow Ad to Air During Superbowl

Focus on the Family will air a 30 second anti-choice ad featuring University of Florida football star Tim Tebow during the Superbowl. The ad will feature the story of how Tebow’s mother chose against having an abortion during her complicated pregnancy contrary to her doctors advice, according to All Headline News. The New York Times has stated that selling “issue ads” during the Superbowl is unprecedented. Previously, CBS has rejected requests for similar ads. The ad will cost approximately $2.8 million. According to the New York Daily News, the funding came from “very generous and committed friends.” However, Focus on the Family has shown signs of severe financial pressure for years. Focus on the Family has laid off staff a total of 6 times since 2005 and most recently laid off nearly 8 percent of staff in September 2009. The organization was also dealt a blow last week when founder James Dobson, who hosts a daily radio show with 1.5 million listeners, announced that he will leave the organization to start both a new organization and a new radio show, to be called “James Dobson on the Family,” reported the New York Times.


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