Anti-Contraceptive Extremists Protest Clinics

The anti-contraception group American Life League (ALL) plans to protest clinics across the country on Saturday, June 7th. The protests are a part of ALL’s so-called “The Pill Kills” campaign, which falsely claims that birth control pills are abortifacients and detrimental to women’s health. June 7th marks the 43rd anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the landmark 1965 Supreme Court decision that gave women the right to birth control.

Dr. Dana Stone, a board-certified OB/GYN who practices in Oklahoma City, outlines the medical inaccuracy and political motivations of the misleading campaign on Feministing.com. “ALL’s work has absolutely nothing to do with medical accuracy or maternal or fetal health. What we’re seeing here is just the latest round in a grudge match that’s been going on since 1965… We now face fringe movements trying to turn a woman’s egg into a baby, birth control pills into a form of abortion, and all forms of contraception into murder. Call it nostalgia for the good old days, when men were men, sex was unspeakable, and women lived in fear of unintended pregnancies,” writes Dr. Stone.


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