Anti-Gay Marriage Ballot Measures will be on AZ, CA, FL Ballots

Ballot initiatives to define marriage as between one man and one woman will be on the ballot in Arizona, California, and Florida in November. If passed, all of these referendums would result in amending individual state constitutions.

Arizona’s State Senate recently approved a measure that will place a gay marriage referendum on the November ballot. Only 16 state Senators, the minimum number required to place a measure on the ballot, voted in favor of it. Proposition 107, a similar measure, was defeated by Arizona voters in 2006.

In California, the California Marriage Protection Act will be on the ballot, which would reverse the State Supreme Court’s decision to overturn California’s gay marriage ban. The Court denied a request to stay its decision until the results of the November 2008 elections.

In Florida, the Marriage Protection Amendment will be on the ballot. Statewide campaigns on both sides of the issue, SayNo2 and Yes2Marriage, have already actively mobilized in Florida.


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