Anti-Gay Slaying Suspects Linked to Clinic Blaze

Two brothers charged with killing a gay couple and suspected of setting fire to three Sacramento-area synagogues have now been linked to the June 25 arson of a building that housed an abortion clinic.

Upon searching the brothers’ home, storage locker, and vehicle as part of the murder investigations, officials found evidence linking them to the blaze. The fire damaged the surrounding Country Club Medical Center but did not reach the Choice Medical Group clinic inside. The synagogue fires, which the brothers are also suspected of setting, suffered a total of $1 million in fire-related damages during the month of June.

Authorities report that Williams and Matthews are affiliated with several white supremacist hate groups including the World Church of the Creator, the National Alliance and the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, an Aryan Nations sect known as Christian Identity. Both have pleaded innocent to the July 1 murders of a gay couple, Gary Matson and Winfield Mowder. Mowder, 40 and Matson, 50, were shot to death in the home they shared.


AP and Sacramento Bee - August 20, 1999

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