Arab Women’s Groups Demand Better Conditions for Women

More than 3,000 international organizations joined forces in Beirut this week in an effort to end violence against women and promote redistribution of the world’s resources.

The Egyptian coordinator, Farida Naccach, invited other Arab countries to promote more job opportunities. “That will help reduce the impact of women’s dependency on others to sustain themselves and will also increase their family’s income,” said Naccach.

Linda Matar, former president of the Lebanese Women’s Council, suggested classifying women’s demands into categories of social, economic and political. “Violence has many aspects. Sexual harassment at work is one and laws which discriminate is another, and it would be good to start identifying them,” said Matar.

The Women’s International March Against Violence and Poverty for the Year 2000 presented its demands on Thursday to United Nations representatives.


The Daily Star Online - 20 April, 2000

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