Arizona Anti-Choice Bill Passes in Senate

On Tuesday, the Arizona state Senate passed a restrictive anti-choice bill on a 16 to 12 vote. The bill is now awaiting final approval of Republican Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who has an anti-choice record. She replaced current Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who vetoed several pieces of anti-choice legislation while Arizona Governor.

This legislation requires minors to receive notarized parental consent prior to an abortion. In 2003, an Arizona law took effect that requires written consent from a parent or guardian for minors in the state, but did not necessitate notarization. The current legislation also includes provisions allowing pharmacists to refuse prescriptions for emergency contraceptives due to moral objections. It also demands a waiting period of 24 hours prior to an abortion procedure and that women must be briefed on assistance available if they decide against an abortion.

“We understand that people have their own opinions and moral beliefs around this issue, but it’s unethical for health-care providers to stand in the way of access to safe, legal and professional health care,” Democratic State Senator Paula Aboud told the Arizona Republic.


Feminist Daily Newswire 6/12/09; The Arizona Republic 6/24/09

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