Arizona Students Campaign Against Battin’ 1000

Students in Arizona are rallying support around the nation against an anti-abortion fundraising campaign led by professional baseball players and executives. Last month, Jerry Colangelo, Arizona Diamondbacks CEO, announced the Battin’ 1000 campaign to raise $1 million for the American Life League (ALL), an organization that opposes abortion in all cases, including rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is in danger. ALL will be using the money to build the “Campus for Life,” with the intention of lending academic credibility to the anti-abortion movement.

Students for Choice (SFC) is leading a campaign to send e-mails to Colangelo criticizing his endorsement of Battin’ 1000. The campaign to “flood” Colangelo’s mailbox has been so successful that it has been recognized by ALL and the Center for AZ Policy (a local anti-choice group), according to Students for Choice. SFC is encouraging supporters to keep sending emails because “Colangelo’s anti-choice, anti-women agenda does more than annoy us.”

As the students are rallying against the anti-abortion campaign, the state Senate is on its way to passing legislation that would ensure that rape victims are offered emergency contraception (EC). According to The Daily Dispatch, Sen. Linda Binder (R-Lake Havasu City) said that the legislation aims to make sure that rape victims “are not victimized again” with pregnancy. The bill passed the preliminary vote 17-10 but objections over giving the pill to juveniles without parental consent are still being debated, The Dispatch reports.

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