Arkansas School Board Member, Who Wants Gays to Die, Resigns

In Arkansas, Midland School District Vice President and state board member Clint McCance, who wrote on his personal Facebook page that he encourages gays to commit suicide, announced his resignation yesterday. He also promised to disown his children if they were gay, and said that he enjoys “the fact that [gay people] often give each other AIDS and die,” according to CNN. McCance offered apologies to the families of the students who committed suicide but nevertheless told CNN, “If they decide after five or ten years to vote me back in, then I’ll run again.” In a recent statement, the Midland School District sought to disassociate itself from the outrageous comments made by McCance. Tom Kimbrell, the Arkansas Education Department Director, remarked to the Arkansas Times, that “every student in Arkansas must be educated in a nurturing environment, free from discrimination or harassment.”


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