Army Drill Sergeant Receives Dishonorable Discharge for Sexual Assault

Fort Leonard Wood Staff Sergeant Anthony S. Fore, 36, has received an 18-month prison sentence and a dishonorable discharge for abusing six female recruits. Fore fondled one recruit, touched the breasts of five others while checking them for bras, and put his hands around the necks of two others who had incorrectly answered his questions. Though Fore faced a maximum of thirteen years for his conduct, prosecutors asked for a two and half year maximum sentence because of a plea arrangement. Four other instructors at the Missouri base have been charged while 16 others remain under investigation. Last month, Sgt. Loren Taylor pleaded guilty to having five improper relationships with female recruits. On December 11, Army officials reported that the number of sexual harassment claims at Aberdeen Ordnance Center in Maryland had doubled from 25 to 50 in a matter of weeks.


USA Today - December 13, 1996

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