Army General Denies Retaliation Against Accuser; McKinney Gets Full Retirement Pay

Brig. Gen. Darrel Porr testified that he did not try to kiss, make sexual advances toward, stroke, or talk suggestively to his subordinate Kelly Theriot. He also denied retaliating against Theriot for her claims.

Theriot has accused Porr of sexual harassment and of conspiring against her, along with several other top-level officers, to strip her of her professional power.

In a separate case, a military jury granted former sergeant major of the Army Gene McKinney with full retirement pay.

McKinney was accused of 18 counts of sexual harassment and one count of obstruction of justice. He was acquitted of all the sexual harassment charges and convicted of obstructing justice. As punishment, McKinney was demoted to a lower rank and salary.

However, because McKinney was once Sergeant Major of the Army, his retirement pay will be based on that rank. He will receive approximately 38,300 annually. Defense lawyer Charles Gitten said “The law is pretty clear. If you were sergeant major of the Army, you get sergeant major of the Army pay.”

Feminist News Stories on Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Discrimination in the Military


AP - May 12, 1998

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