Army of God Letters Promise Continued Use of Anti-Abortion Violence

The Southeast Bomb Task Force, which includes agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is investigating two letters claiming to be from the Army of God that expressed support for clinic bomber Eric Robert Rudolph and promised to continue using “lethal force” against abortion clinics and providers. The letters surfaced in Andrews, North Carolina at the Andrews Journal newspaper and at a local store. Written atop the letters was Eric Robert Rudolph’s name and then “May God be with you.” The letter then went on to declare “war on the entire child-killing industry.”

Eric Robert Rudolph has been charged with the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also accused of the 1997 bombings in Atlanta outside an abortion clinic and at a lesbian nightclub as well as the 1998 bombing of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama. Rudolph is on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

The Army of God, a clandestine anti-abortion extremist group, has claimed responsibility for several incidents of anti-abortion violence, including bombings and arson. Most recently, over 500 anthrax threat letters claiming to be from the Army of God were sent to abortion providers and reproductive rights advocacy organizations nationwide.


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