Army’s Top Enlisted Man Who Served on Sexual Harassment Overview Panel Charged with Sexual Harassment

Army officials reported on February 3rd that a senior enlisted man, Sergeant Major of the Army Gene C. McKinney, has been accused of sexually assaulting Sergeant Major Brenda Hoster. McKinney as excused himself from his duties on a high-level panel investigating charges of sexual harassment within the Army in light of the accusations. Hoster sent a sworn statement to the Criminal Investigative Division yesterday alleging harassment. Hoster told The New York Times that McKinney kissed, grabbed her, and asked her for sex in her hotel room during an April business trip to Hawaii. McKinney’s wife was a few rooms down the hall at the time of the alleged harassment. Hoster also commented that she reported the incident seven weeks after it occurred to superiors. An Army official allegedly ignored her report, and officials refused her request for a transfer. Consequently, Hoster retired early, at the age of twenty-two. She filed a formal complaint after learning that McKinney had been appointed to the sexual harassment panel. McKinney has denied the allegations.


The New York Times - February 3, 1997

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