Arrests made in Delhi Child Rape Case

Two men thought to have played a part in the abduction and rape of a five year old girl in New Delhi are now in custody. One suspect was taken in by police on Saturday, when he alleged the involvement of a second man. That second man was taken into custody today.

As for the victim, she is reportedly healing. “We are trying to control the infection and she is responding well,” said DK Sharma, chief of the hospital where the girl is being treated, “it will take at least two weeks to discharge her.” She can now eat semi-solid foods and drink liquids.

The girl was allegedly kidnapped on April 15th by a neighbor. She was discovered after another neighbor heard crying and called the authorities. She was admitted with injuries to her face and chest wall, and bruises on her neck that could indicate strangulation.

Protests that erupted outside the hospital in response to the assault continue today. Since the brutal gang rape and death of a 23-year-old medical student in India, protests have sparked across India, the world’s largest democracy, where a woman is estimated to be raped every twenty minutes, with Delhi being labeled the “rape capital” of the country, according to the Associated Press. Huge protests and demonstrations have voiced anger regarding the treatment of women in India and calling for tougher laws on violence against women.


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