Arsonists Set Fire to Albuquerque Clinic

Arsonists set fire to a clinic in Albuquerque last week. The fire, which was set late Thursday night, burned the clinic’s exam room and caused smoke damage throughout the building, reports the KOAT News. No one was injured.

According to Jake Gonzales of the ATF Albuquerque office, witnesses from a nearby hotel that overlooks the clinic spotted two hooded figures outside the clinic windows just before the fire was reported, reports the Associated Press. Other than the witnesses, investigators are reporting no new leads.

Friday morning following the arson, the Feminist Majority Foundation’s clinic defense program sent out alerts to clinics across the country, making them aware of the situation and encouraging staff to enforce safety protocols and be aware of the their environment.


Associated Press 12/08/07; KOAT News.com 12/10/07

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