Ashcroft Orders U.S. Marshal Protection for Dr. Tiller

Reversing his previous position, Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the U.S. Marshal Service to provide protection for Dr. George Tiller after prompting by the Feminist Majority Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and the National Abortion Federation.

This weekend Operation Save America, formerly Operation Rescue, plans to start their ‘Let’s Finish It’ campaign in Wichita, Kansas, referring to their previous descent upon Dr. Tiller’s clinic in the “Summer of Mercy” protests. The 1991 siege lasted six weeks, resulted in 2,700 arrests, and forced a temporary closure of the clinic. Two years later, Dr. Tiller survived being shot 5 times by anti-abortion extremist Shelley Shannon.


The Feminist Majority Foundation, The Washington Post, The New York Times

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