Athletes Who Sexually Assaulted Retarded Girl Jailed

Three former high school athletes, convicted four years ago of sexually assaulting a retarded girl, were finally put in jail on June 30th. During a resentencing, required after an Appeals court reduced the convictions of the three men, Kevin Scherzer and Christopher Archer received fifteen years at a youth facility from which they could be released in two or three years. Kyle Scherzer’s fifteen-year sentence was reduced to seven years of which he may only serve 10 months. State Superior Court Judge R. Benjamin Cohen, who sentenced the three, refused to let the defendants remain free on bail while their lawyers continue to appeal the 1993 convictions. During the 1989 attack, the then 17-year-old girl, who had the mental capacity of someone less than half her age, was induced to strip and to allow Archer and Kevin Scherzer to sexually assault her with a broomstick and with a full-length baseball bat.


USA Today - July 1, 1997

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