Attorney for Paula Jones Made Sex Jokes on Videotape

Gilbert K. Davis, attorney for Paula Jones and Republican candidate for Virginia attorney general made jokes about stripping and offering to help a client get in Playboy magazine, according to a videotape released by client Ramona Lemons Hines. Noting the hypocrisy of Davis’ nationally-televised comments about sexual harassment and President Clinton in light of the videotape, Hines said, “Gil Davis doesn’t live by the standards he talks about.” In the video, Davis says to Hines, “I know what you want to do. You want to take your clothes off. You want to take al of your clothes off and expose your body.” Davis also cranes his neck to kiss the camera lens, tells Hines to leave the Playboy idea “in my hands,” and jokes about barmaids dressed in shredded cellophane. Hines was looking for a buyer for the tape, but released it on January 14. Local news in Roanoke, Virginia covered the story and showed excerpts on television.

Davis is running in a June 10 primary for the Republican nomination for attorney general. He lives in Fairfax County, Virginia.


The Washington Post - January 16, 1997

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