Australia Plans to Bar Single Women from In-Vitro Fertilization

Australian Prime Minister John Howard declared that children have the right to two parents, but not two same-sex parents. Howard announced plans to amend federal sex discrimination laws in order for state governments to ban in vitro fertilization for single women. “This issue involves…the right of children in our society to have … the care of both a mother and a father,” said Howard. The conservative government’s move follows last week’s decision to strike down a similar ban in the Australian state of Victoria. The judge ruled the state law to be invalid due to inconsistencies with the federal Sex Discrimination Act. The Roman Catholic Church attacked the ruling, saying that children should have the love and care of both a father and a mother. Gay and lesbian rights activist Kathy Sant condemned the Prime Minister’s announcement. “The reality is that there’s a large number of family forms in modern Australia and it’s time Mr. Howard … was willing to see that,” said Sant.


AP and Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report - August 3, 2000

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