Authorities Search for Witness in Alabama Clinic Bombing

Authorities are searching for Eric Robert Rudolph, a witness whose gray Nissan truck was spotted leaving the Birmingham abortion clinic bombing scene last Thursday. The bomb, made of nails and gunpowder, killed Robert Sanderson, a clinic security officer, and seriously injured Emily Lyons, a nurse and counselor who suffered extensive injuries to her legs, abdomen and face, including the loss of an eye and severe damage to her second eye. It is unclear whether she will see again.

Professor of sociology Dallas Blanchard commented, “the voice of violence in the abortion movement is increasing.” In the past, Alabama abortion clinics have been broken into and destroyed, and set on fire.

Workers and volunteers at the nearby Summit Clinic in Birmingham are refusing to surrender to anti-abortion violence; a sign reading “This clinic stays open,” sits in its window. Lisa Santer, a new volunteer who helps escort patients inside of the clinic, said she offered her services because she was outraged by the bombing. “I think allowing a bombing to frighten us is not a fitting tribute to a person who gives their life or a part of their body,” Santer said.

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