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AWCCI takes win in World Chambers Congress and Competition

The Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI), a group dedicated to highlighting Afghan women entrepreneurs, recently participated in the World Chambers Congress and Competition for the 11th anniversary of the competition held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This competition, held every two years, focuses on entrepreneurship and achievements by businesses in the sector.

The competition is broken down into three categories: Best Education and Training Project; Best Unconventional Project; and Entrepreneurship Development Project. The AWCCI competed and won in Best Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship Development.

Afghan businesswomen have shown their entrepreneurship through AWCCI in bringing in 200 women-owned businesses in 31 events in the business sector. Over the past year AWCCI states that “more than 500 women [attended]… legal awareness and advocacy training” ranging from all parts of Afghanistan including Mazar, Herat, Kabul, Kandahar, and Jelalabad, increasing women’s education and self-efficacy in the business sector.

AWCCI shows a well-deserved victory in this competition and is projected to keep gaining traction with female-led entrepreneurship.


Media Resources: AWCCI 6/17/19

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