Bacterial Infection Causes Miscarriage

A bacterial infection of the vagina is reported to increase the chances of a miscarriage during the early stages of pregnancy. Bacterial vaginosis, or inflammation of the vagina, causes abnormal discharge, and affects approximately 13-31% of pregnant women.

A study conducted by Dr. Susan Ralph of Leeds General Infirmary found that during the first trimester of pregnancy, an infection can double the risk of miscarriage. The research was based on 850 women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

Results show that 36% of women with the infection miscarried, compared to 18% of the women who were free of infection. Dr. Ralph stated that it is possible that the bacterial infection could spread to the uterus, causing endometritis. “This could spread up into the womb, causing inflammation of the lining of the womb and releasing various chemicals which would make a hostile environment for a fertilized egg that was trying to grow.”


BBC - July 23, 1999

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