Bankruptcy Legislation Detrimental to Single Women and Mothers

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that increases the difficulty for individuals trying to clear their financial histories. This bill, spearheaded by credit card companies, is in an effort to decrease the amount of personal bankruptcies filed.

Proponents of the legislation advocate that it will help women because those whose husbands or ex-husbands have filed for bankruptcy will be obligated to pay child support or alimony before making credit card payments. This is different from current laws, in which credit card companies take precedence over familial obligations.

However, bill opponents argue that single mothers will be competing with credit card companies to collect the money they are owed. Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts commented that “the legislation will exacerbate problems faced by the growing number of women in the bankruptcy system. The bill’s supporters claim they are protecting women and children, but the protections are a sham.”


Nando Times and AP - June 22, 1999

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