Barcelona Fashion Show Bans Thin Models

The director of Barcelona’s prestigious “Salon Gaudi” fashion show announced that the show will no longer accept models who wear smaller than a Spanish size 40, which is comparable to a U.S. size 10 or a British size 8.

El Mundo director Paco Flaque was quoted as saying, “I am aware that if we promote the image of skinny women, we are hurting our young people, and I am against that.” Flaque reported that the average size of women trying out for modeling spots was between 40 and 42 ten years ago, but that the average now is between 38 and 40.

Spain’s health minister criticized Flaque’s action, arguing that it is unfair to exclude smaller, thinner models and urged Flaque not to “illegalize” thin people.


Reuters - March 17, 1999

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