Beyond Voter Registration: New Get Out Her Vote Ideas, Resources, and Materials Online

Did you know? Kennedy defeated Nixon by just one voter per precinct in 1960? Only 4% of the US Congress is comprised of women of color? Only 21% of US citizens 18-24 years old voted in the last non-presidential election? “Every day elected officials make critical decisions about young women’s lives,” FMF President Eleanor Smeal notes, “Voter education and empowerment will give young women a stronger voice in our political future.”

Help increase awareness about the importance of voting. Post these facts and more all over campus by downloading the Get Out Her Vote (GOHV) “Did You Know?” campaign flyers.

The newly updated GOHV campaign website has resources for this action ideas, a GOHV press release, sample letter to the editor, and more! Visit http://www.FeministCampus.org/vote or call 1-866-444-3652 and ask to speak with the GOHV campaign coordinator today!

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