Biden: Chances for Alito Filibuster Have Increased

In an interview on FOX News Sunday, Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) indicated that the chances for a filibuster against Samuel Alito have increased following the release of Alito’s 1985 job application. Senator Biden was not only concerned about Alito’s views on the constitutionality of abortion and affirmative action expressed in the job application, but also his views on reapportionment, or “one man, one vote.” In the 1985 application to become deputy assistant to the attorney general under President Reagan, Alito wrote, “In college, I developed a deep interest in constitutional law, motivated in large part by my disagreement with Warren Court decisions, particularly in the area of…reapportionment.”

“If he really believes that reapportionment is a questionable decision – that is, the idea of Baker v. Carr, one man, one vote – then clearly, clearly, you’ll find a lot of people, including me, willing to do whatever they can to keep him off the court,” said Senator Biden.

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FOX News Sunday transcript 11/20/05; Alito 1985 job application

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