Bill Restricting Teen Abortion a Top Senate Republican Priority

The so-called Child Custody Protection Act, legislation supported by President Bush which would criminalize the transportation of a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion, has been deemed a top ten priority by Senate Republicans. Cited as a threat to the health and safety of young women by abortion rights groups, the CCPA claims to prevent the evasion of parental consent or notification laws in the girl’s home state, carrying a sentence of up to one year in prison, reports the Associated Press.

Pro-choice groups argue that politicians should not impose mandates which can easily backfire, reports the Associated Press.”Instead of encouraging them to involve a trusted adult who may be able to offer much-needed assistance, this law will cause some young women to face interstate travel for medical care alone,” says a NARAL Pro-Choice America briefing paper. “Even worse, it may force young women to turn to self-induced or illegal abortion,” reports the Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health Report.

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