Bill to Repeal Abortion Introduced in FL

A bill that would ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, without exception for rape or incest, was introduced late last week in the Florida state House. State Representative Charles Van Zant (R), a former Baptist minister, is sponsoring the bill, called the “Florida for Life Act”. There are currently no House co-sponsors and there is not a Senate companion bill, according to Tallahasee.com. The bill explicitly prohibits “inducing, performing, attempting to perform, or assisting in induced abortions.” It also states that the US Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey should be reconsidered because they “subordinate the unalienable right to life to a “liberty” interest devised by man which is inconsistent with, and cannot supersede, the right to life given the peoples’ accepted source of authority for all unalienable rights. A liberty right to abortion denies the authority of the Creator in all matters of life, and the people through the exercise of their right of self-government have the sovereign authority to regard all human life with the highest reverence.” Stephanie Kunkel, Director of Planned Parenthood Florida, claims the bill is “totally unconstitutional” and WOULD BE “the most rigid and inflexible ban on abortion in the United States [because] not only does it ban abortion. It also has absolutely no exceptions for rape or incest,” reported the Pensacola News Journal.


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