Blacks Voted 9 to 1 Against Bush

Despite George W. Bush’s campaign trail claim that he would bolster the relationship between blacks and the GOP, a record number of black voters turned out on Election Day and rejected him–9 to 1. Political analysts summed up Bush’s failed attempt to woo black voters as the worst in the history of polling. Bush’s dismal record of providing health care to children in Texas, the state’s $3.15 minimum wage, and his vice presidential pick, Richard Cheney, who voted against releasing Nelson Mandela from prison, contributed to blacks’s overwhelming disapproval of the Republican ticket. Leaders in the African American community have condemned voting rights violations in Florida and the fact that black votes comprise a majority of the uncounted ballots.

The gender gap fueled opposition to Bush among black voters. Black women opposed Bush in higher numbers than black men. Of black women, only 6 percent voted for Bush, compared with 12 percent of black men.


Washington Post _ December 12, 2000; November 12, 2000

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