Bombing Investigation Named After Police Victim

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is naming the investigation into the bombing of an abortion clinic after Robert Dewayne Sanderson, the Birmingham police officer who was killed. ATF special agent Joe Green said, “we decided to name it the Sandbomb Task Force …. That’s our way of honoring the officer.”

Authorities, including members of the ATF’s elite National Response Team, are continuing investigations throughout the Birmingham area. “It’s important that we cover as much ground as we can as quickly as we can,” said Green.

The New Woman All Women Clinic that was bombed reopened yesterday. Two patients arrived minutes after the doors were opened. Diane Derzis, clinic co-owner, said, “It just shows the determination of women who want an abortion.”

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Birmingham Post-Herald and AP - February 6, 1998

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