Bowing to Pressure from Feminist Groups, Vienna Philharmonic Agrees to Admit Women

An all-male institution since its foundation 155 years ago, the Vienna Philharmonic has agreed to admit women as players. In a vote which passed with a two-thirds margin, the group responded to pressures of feminist groups to boycott the Philharmonic’s upcoming U.S. tour if it did not agree to admit women. Elena Osteleitner, an assistant professor at the University of Music in Vienna commented, “They were quite frightened by the feminist movements in the United States, and they realized it was no fun and no joking.”

The group voted to admit Anna Lelkes, a harpist who had long played with the group, as an official member, thus granting her full payment and privileges after 26 years of service. In June, women will be able to audition for the positions available; the group needs a violist, tuba player and trumpet player. Last week, the new Austrian chancellor, Viktor Klima publicly told the group that there was, “creative potential in the other half of humanity and this should be used.”


The Nando Net - February 28, 1997

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