Brandeis Offers Plan B via Vending Machine On-Campus

A student-run activism club, Brandeis Pro-Choice, has installed a vending machine on campus that contains Plan B. The vending machine also includes menstrual products, condoms, and other health products and will be accessible 24/7.

Brandeis Pro-Choice, in a statement, wrote, “Without access to emergency contraception on nights and weekends, Brandeis students are left without the ability to access care on campus when they need it, this vending machine will remove this barrier to timely care by expanding access to the medication and allowing students more privacy in their health care.”

The club is a chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, which is a national youth organizing program. Through this, the club was able to receive a grant from Planned Parenthood to pay for the vending machine.

The club president, Susannah Miller, has said “access to sexual and reproductive health care is essential to everyone’s health and well-being.” The club also has said the 24/7 access to the vending machine will be resourceful for victims of sexual assault.


Media Resources: Boston 25 News 4/18/19

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