Breaking News: France Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

Today French lawmakers voted to legalize same sex marriage and adoption in the country.

In a vote of 331 to 225, the National Assembly approved the “Marriage for All” law after reviewing amendments made by the upper-house Senate. President Francois Hollande, who included same-sex marriage and adoption rights in his platform during the French presidential election, is expected to sign the bill into law once it is reviewed by a constitutional council.

Despite a majority of the French public supporting same-sex marriage, numerous protests against the bill have been rampant throughout France. Gay rights organizations believe they have documented a rise in attacks on LGBT individuals, and protesters against the bill have come into violent confrontations with law enforcement. Lawmakers have even faced threats – the National Assembly president Claude Bartolone received a letter filled with gunpowder warning him to delay the vote, and debate in parliament results in physical blows.

According to Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, same-sex couples could get married as early as June if the bill goes smoothly through the constitutional council.


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