Bring The Drop Beats Not Bombs “Power Of Nonviolence” Tour To Your Campus

Bring The Drop Beats Not Bombs “Power Of Nonviolence” Tour To Your Campus

The Drop Beats Not Bombs “Power Of Nonviolence” tour is a collaboration between many peace and justice organizations and the New York City based non-profit arts collective MOVEMENT IN MOTION. For the last 2 years, the tour has traveled to campuses, been featured at rallies, and utilized by community groups across the Midwest and the East Coast. The tour brings together activism and the arts to educate, inspire, and empower people use the arts to combat the prison/military industrial complex. Drop Beats Not Bombs activists are seeking local hosts who will set up events both on and off campus. Student groups can organize evening performance/fundraisers or 2 hour workshop on nonviolent organizing (w/ music) focusing on drug policy reform and military counter recruitment and/or developing a campaign to address justice issues affecting your campus/community. Events can take place in public spaces, including clubs, cafes, or free speech areas on campus.

The tour will be traveling throughout the East Coast until April and continue their tour on the West Coast starting August 2004. Movement in Motion is a not for profit community based group and uses a sliding scale to determine the cost of bringing the tour to your area.

To receive a publicity packet or for more information, please contact David Rosen at 718-986-4449 or email at pnvbeginwithin@hotmail.com, Listen to music at MOVEMENTINMOTION.ORG and SEE TOUR PICTURES AT FORUSA.ORG (SEARCH FOR DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS).

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