Britain: Grandmother Elected Top PI

70-year-old grandmother has become Britain’s top private investigator after the Association of British Investigators elected her as its president. She is the third woman to win this honor since the Association was formed in 1931.

Rosemary Sorrell says that her matronly, innocent image is an advantage that she uses to gain the trust of criminal suspects and solve mysteries. She commented, “…as women investigators, we get away with murder, simply because we are women.”

Sorrell says she loves her job as a private investigator. “I’ve got a good instinct because I like watching people: it started as a hobby as then I became fascinated with watching what made them tick,” she explained. “I sometimes think about retiring when it’s a wet and windy night and I’m out in a village looking for a house with no number. But I just enjoy it so much.”


The Times of London - May 26, 1999

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