British Columbia Sustains Abortion ‘Bubble Zone’ Law

The British Columbian Appeal Court recently dismissed challenges to the Canadian Access to Abortion Services Act. The act establishes 50 meter “bubble zones” around clinics that provide abortion services. In the United States, these zones are known as “buffer zones.” Anti-abortion demonstrators contested the act, saying that it “infringed on their freedom of expression” and that “the no-go zone around one of the clinics was too large” according to The Canadian Press.

The Canadian bubble zone law, which makes sidewalk interference, protests, and physical intimidation illegal within 50 meters of a clinic, was upheld in an undisputed decision on September 4, 2008. Although the court recognized the law’s violation of free speech rights, it concluded that this was “justifiable to protect women’s right to medical services” according to The National Post.


The National Post 09/05/08; The Canadian Press 9/05/08; The B.C. Catholic 9/22/08

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