British Lord Seeks Women’s Equal Rights to Throne

British Lord Jeffrey Archer has asked permission from the House of Lords to introduce a parliamentary bill allowing women equality in the royal succession line. Traditionally, the eldest son, even if he is younger than his sister, has the right to the throne. Under the measure, a future first-born daughter of Prince William, son of Prince Charles, would become the queen even if she also has a younger brother. In speaking to the unelected House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament, Archer asked if anyone felt, “that men are still naturally superior to women.”

Although nothing would likely happen for 50 to 60 years, at least until one of Prince William’s children succeeded him, the measure is expected to fail because upcoming elections mean parlimentary time is tight. The measure may also meet resistance from male House of Lords members who hold their hereditary seats because of their gender.


Reuters - December 9, 1996

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