Brothers Suspected of Murdering Gay Couple

Benjamin and James Williams are being held without bail for the murders of Winfield Mowder and Gary Mason, who were shot to death in their home on July 1st.

The brothers are charged on counts of “murder with special circumstances, robbery, burglarizing the couple’s residence and stealing their vehicle,”– offenses that prosecutors say were motivated by hate. The men are also suspected of setting fire to three synagogues, causing more than $1 million in damages.

The Williams brothers were arrested when picking up equipment used to assemble ammunition, which Matson had charged on his credit card. They were wearing bulletproof vests and carrying two assault rifles, a shotgun, and several 9mm pistols. The police also discovered anti-Semitic publications, propaganda from the World Church of the Creator (a white supremacist group), and other hate literature at the brothers’ home.

The men will be arraigned on Tuesday.


AP - July 20, 1999

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