Brown University Includes Pro-choice Message in Love you Body Day Event

The BROWN UNIVERSITY Leadership Alliance recently organized events for Love Your Body Day, a campaign of the National Organization for Women on body image and eating disorder. The group chose to include a focus on reproductive health and a woman’s right to choose. “We will be talking about the right, politically, to respect your body,” FMLA President Katie Del Guercio, stated in an interview with the Brown Daily Herald. The FMLA used this event to promote access to EC on campus, with the Emergency Contraception Over-the-Counter (ECOTC) petition and with signs publicizing its availability through Campus Health Services. Also present, with info tables, free condoms, and other resources were Students for Choice, Planned Parenthood, Domestic Abuse Advocacy Project, Women’s Rugby, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, a sorority, and representatives from Campus Health Services. The diverse day of events even included a performance with songs about safe sex by a Brown University a capella group.

FMF Campus Organizers were visiting BROWN during the FMLA’s Love Your Body Day event and hosted a workshop on Roe vs. Wade and the Never Go Back campus initiative. Elisa Ortiz, FMF Campus Organizer, notes “We’re very excited about the work of the BROWN FMLA in educating their campus about the threat to Roe vs. Wade and publicizing both our visit and the event featuring FMF President Eleanor Smeal to kick off the Never Go Back Celebrity Speaking Tour.”

The Never Go Back campaign educates the public about the impending threat to legal abortion, the role of the Supreme Court in affirming or overturning Roe v. Wade, and the importance of the filibuster as a winnable strategy for stopping anti-choice judicial nominees. Stay posted for more information, including a new Never Go Back campaign website!

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