Bulgaria Elects First Female Speaker

The 41st Bulgarian Parliament elected their first female speaker, Tsetska Tsacheva last week. This was Tsacheva’s first election within Parliament, where she won on a 226-0 vote with three abstentions, according to EurActive. Tsacheva is a 51 year old lawyer from the northern Bulgarian town Pleven, where she served on the municipal council, reported the Sofia Echo.

Bulgaria’s Socialist-dominated coalition has governed for the past four years, but the center-right Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria party, known as the GERB party, won nearly 40 percent of the vote in national elections earlier this month. The GERB, with whom Tsacheva is affiliated, party won 116 of the 240 parliamentary seats.

In her first address to Parliament Tsacheva said, “What people expect from us is more work and, most of all, self-discipline,” according to the SETimes.


The Sofia Echo 7/14/09; EurActiv 7/17/09; SETimes 7/14/09

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