Bush Administration to Seek More Reactionary Judges

Senior Advisor to the President Karl Rove gave a speech in front of the conservative Family Research Council last week strongly suggesting the president’s intention to send more reactionary judicial nominees to the Senate for confirmation to the federal courts. Speaking to an audience of about 250 right-wing Christian activists, Rove discussed the defeat of the nomination of anti-abortion, anti-civil rights Judge Charles Pickering, Sr. to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, saying that the Senate was sending a larger message to President Bush. “This is about sending George W. Bush a message that “You send us somebody that is a strong conservative, you’re not going to get him.'” Rove continued, “Guess what? They sent the wrong message to the wrong guy.” Rove then told the audience that judicial nominations “needs to be the issue in every race around the country to the United States Senate.”

Broadening his remarks, which were audio-taped and given to the Washington Post, Rove also pledged that the Bush Administration would support welfare reforms that push marriage, an initiative opposed by feminist groups, and crisis-pregnancy centers, long criticized by reproductive rights advocacy organizations for promoting an anti-abortion agenda and spreading false information.

TAKE ACTION: Don’t Let Bush to Stack Federal Courts with Reactionary Judges

To learn more about the threat to abortion rights from anti-choice appointments to the Supreme Court and the federal Circuit Court of Appeals, visit www.Million4Roe.com.


Washington Post, 3/20/02; Feminist Majority

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