Bush Nominates Ultra Conservative for Solicitor General

Theodore Olson, the ultra-conservative lawyer who represented President Bush in Bush v. GoreÑthe Florida election case that ultimately gave Bush the presidencyÑhas been nominated for the position of Solicitor General in the US Justice Department. As Solicitor General, Olson would be responsible for developing the government’s position on cases and would argue many cases before the US Supreme Court. This responsibility and Olson’s ultra-conservative anti-woman’s rights history have alarmed many women’s rights and abortion rights groups who worry Olson could facilitate law suits that would limit abortion access or even overturn Roe v. Wade.

Olson is best known for his anti-affirmative action and anti-woman’s rights cases. Olson represented a white student who sued the University Texas claiming the school’s affirmative action policy was unconstitutional. Olson also defended Virginia Military Institute’s policy of prohibiting women from being admitted to the all male academyÑOlson lost this case. If the Senate confirms Olson as Solicitor General, the possibility of being nominated to the US Supreme Court increases.


New York Times Ð February 14, 2001; Washington Post Ð February 15, 2001; LA Times Ð February 15, 2001

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